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OBX Wounded Warrior


Corolla, North Carolina


The Corolla Light OBX Wounded Warrior Project started in 2011 as an outgrowth of an idea suggested by Frank Karkuff, a Corolla Light resident, former president of the Corolla Light Community Association, and assisted by Bob Segal and his wife Yolanda.


The purpose is simple and straight-forward: to provide one week of relaxation and recreation to wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones outside the structured military environment. The project is partnering with Fort Bragg and Walter Reed who will make the wounded warrior community stationed there aware of the project and arrange for the selection of the participants.


We provide these services to the Wounded Warriors through our network connections with Owners, Real Estate Companies and local retailers around the area.


The Corolla Light OBX Wounded Warrior Organization is only responsible for arranging the contract between the Wounded Warrior and the Owner. After the initial contact is done it will be a contract agreement between the Wounded Warrior and the Owner.