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OBX Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior

On behalf of the Corolla Light Community Association we extend a warm welcome to you. We are very proud to be able to show our thanks for the contribution you have made in serving our country. We hope your time with us will allow you to relax and to spend quality time with your loved ones.


The housing will be provided at no cost to the member, however they will have to provide their own transportation and food. All facilities of the resort will be provided at no cost. Local realtors who list these houses will provide the necessary linens, etc. as well as housekeeping services afterwards. It is anticipated that local merchants will also contribute to this program. OBXww requires that the Soldier be present at Check-in. Soldiers families can not Check-in without the presence of the registered Soldier.


The homes you will be staying in are single family homes that are fully furnished, to include linens and towels supplied by the realtor who manages the house on behalf of the owner.

Enjoy your stay

It is expected that every wounded warrior will respect the generosity of the owner and care for the property as if it were their own. Contact has been made with Fort Bragg and Walter Reed who will administer the program by selecting eligible service members who express an interest in participating.